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[does meat stuffing have taste how to handle? ] how does _ handle – like where manage _

Article introduction

We know, a kind of food is placed too long hard to avoid will be degenerative, say food of avery kind of can have his expirat上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛ion period so. To the flesh kind for food, average expiration period also with respect to 3 days two, even if is put inside freezer, also may appear degenerative condition. Not only color can produce a few change, smell also can become very bad. So, does meat stuffing have taste how should handle ability to continue to eat?

Does meat stuffing have taste how to handle?

1, how does dumpling meat stuffing go fishy smell

When wrapping wonton, dumpling, a bit tea can be put in stuffing, but clear opening, replace cooking wine to go fishy the smell of mutton is angry. Is particular way: ? ? of principle columns of a hall of award of  of Lang of beach Xia know comes to tea fish out air, mix after on chop two knives meat stuffing, put into condiment again, wrap the dumpling soup that give and dumpling so, taste gust distinctive, faint scent is goluptious.

Does meat stuffing have taste how to handle?

2, dumpling stuffing otherwise should add water

See the individual’s be fond of, but Jiakebujia, the mouthfeel to everybody is different, still treat an individual.

2.1, the flesh cannot too thin, lest mouthfeel sends bavin, 爱上海龙凤419桑拿 上海龙凤论坛sh1fnot sweet. Pink of the five spices or 13 sweet cannot little.

Does meat stuffing have taste how to handle?

2.2, st上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区uffing should hit energetically toward a direction, can add water of bit of Chinese prickly ash slowly, so ripe hind meat stuffing becomes a group do not come loose, balm is indispensable.

2.3, if conditional, can cut skin aspic small-scale into stuffing, t爱上海 爱上海同城手机版aste the effect of dumpling having fill (caution is very hot) .

2.4, add or do not add, two kinds of methods have had done, mouthfeel difference is very big. Dumpling stuffing basically divides the stuffing that it is element and stuffing of meat or fish, if be of lee上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区k stuffing, do not put of course add water, raw material is original moisture is more, added instead nondescript, so element stuffing dumpling need not add water.

2.5, of dumpling good eat, the most crucial the processing that depends on stuffing makings, resemble the select material of meat stuffing, had better 上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区be a choice ” 37 minutes ” pork, fat thin alternate with.


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[pig waist and what are fried delicious] _ fries _ how to fry –

Article introduction

Pig waist is we feed capable person one kind when daily life middling sees, also be the medicinal material of fil阿爱上海同城 阿拉爱上海同城ling this world of a kind of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that our life middling uses, the nutrient class status of pig waist is very high, its eat a law to also have a lot of kinds, for instance, evaporate pig waist, fry pig waist, waist of the pig that stew, scamper pig waist is waited a moment, of course people is the most recipient is the waist that fry a pig, because such eating already delicate do not have fishy smell again, pig waist and what to introduce to be fried together below delicious, basically be with a dish exemple.

Pig waist and what are fried delicious

Dish name] explode fry scalloped pork or lamb kidneys

[what belonging to dish is] plain dish

[characteristic] ear of be similar in shape, colour and lus上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛tre is ruddy and sleek, fragile tender tastily.

[raw material]

Pig waist 400 grams, agaric 10 grams, winter bamboo shoots piece 25 grams, oily 75 grams, soy 10 grams, green 5 grams, ginger juice 5 grams, cooking wine 8 grams, gourmet powder 3 grams, garlic piece 5 grams, soup, starch each are right amount

[the process that make]

(Among 1) pig waist piece go lumbar foul smell, ji ear spends a knife, cut again agglomerate, (2) agaric is abluent, winter bamboo shoots cuts what be less than scalloped pork or lamb kidneys slightly piece, (Boiling water is put in 3) bowl, soy, cooking wine, ginger juice, gourmet powder, garlic piece, starch is opposite Gorgon euryale juice, (Water accuses after 4) uses agaric of scalloped pork or lamb kidneys boiled water scald respectively first (5) is fried long suffer from excessive internal heat puts oil to burn to 7-8 into heat, throw the scalloped pork or lamb kidneys with good oar, slip to accuse oil quickly a bit, spoon takes bottom o上海同城对对碰交友社区 上海夜网论坛il, issue chopped green onion, stir-fry before stewing is sweet, issue scalloped pork or lamb kidneys, agaric, winter bamboo shoots, flourishing of juice pouring Gorgon euryale is precipitant fry, drench bright oil goes out long can.

Pig waist and what are fried delicious

Unripe fry scalloped pork or lamb kidneys

Burden: Pig waist (600 grams) , dried mushrooms (10 grams) , bamboo shoot flesh (100 grams) , flavour pink (10 grams) , wine (10 grams) , soy (25 grams) , ginger, green, sesame oil (right amount) .

The method that make:

One, all cut every pig waist two, dig go coquettish muscle, cut figure with horizontal straight knife, float in order to rinse go be being taken after its blood water, dip of reoccupy boiling water is awaited to 5 maturity with, 2, after dried mushrooms is soaked, cut with bamboo shoot, ginger paragraph. 3, boiler of kerosene removing flourishing, issue oil first, play Jiang Pian, bamboo shoot again piece, waist of dried mushrooms, pig, wine is fried ripe, flavor with pink of soy, 上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰flavour, pink of next wet water chestnut tick off Gorgon euryale, add sesame oil outf[……]

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[Durian quick-freeze can be put how long _ Durian is refrigerant can save a few months] –

Article introduction

This kind of fruit belongs to Durian it is very tall that nurturance of a kind of its battalio上海龙凤论坛 新上海贵族宝贝论坛n divides intertropical fruity, contain very rich carbohydrate and candy cent and protein to wait a moment, be very gay getting a person. And about Durian saving is the issue that compares worry making a person however, i上海千花社区 上海千花网交友f after Durian is opened, will 上海龙凤论坛 新上海贵族宝贝论坛be done not have well adopt a few it is very easy to save measure correctly bad. Passing quick-freeze to save Durian is commonner, durian quick-freeze introduces to you can be put below?

How long can be Durian quick-freeze put?

Durian is a kind of common intertropical fruit, moisture and carbohydrate content are very high, yi Zisheng is zymogenic, appear addle circumstance, ac上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛cordingly need low temperatur新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 上海同城对对碰交友社区e is saved, cold storage and refrigerant it is familiar safe-deposit pattern, short time is saved with cold storage, longer save can put refrigerant. Durian is refrigerant and OK save 20 days of above.

After super-cooling freezes, Durian classics won’t produce noxiousness, at the same time the environmental bacterium of microtherm is caused less, after moisture forms ice crystal, the fruit appears not easily also addle circumstance, save time to grow quite so, save proper 20 days are not a problem.

How long can be Durian quick-freeze put?

There is what change after Durian is refrigerant

Nutrient composition is reduced

The bases moisture of Durian, carbohydrate, protein, adipose, mineral wait not to produce a change basically, but a few fight the vitamin with very strong oxidisability, be like vitamin C, can reduce bit by bit in the process that store.

Fragrance changes

Durian is being saved with the condition of Durian flesh in deposit process, because this is balmy,flavour composition can volatilize bit by bit, bring about fragrance to reduce.

Mouthfeel changes

After Durian is refrigerant in-house ice crystal destroys the organization of Durian, make Durian molten, can become the sensation of similar ice-cream.

How long can be Durian quick-freeze put?

How Durian is refrigerant save

1, Durian is refrigerant if saving, should pare Durian flesh come out, the fruit carapace of purify Durian.

2, next Durian nucleus purify, use Durian meat last bag perhaps last box outfit rises.

3, put freezer compartment to save directly can.

爱上海 爱上海同城手机版


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[how is yam fried fragile] how does _ fry _ to fry law –

Article introduction

Although stew the process of yam in, the soft that everybody hopes yam can be stewed is exquisite, but if if be clear,frying yam, everybody can hope the mouthfeel of yam新上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝交流区 is OK more bright is fragile. In the process that buys yam, the yam variety that buys according to place of different the demand that make also is different. If want clear to fry yam, should choose fragi上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区le yam. And in the process that fries yam in Qing Dynasty, how to make can you let yam become more fragile?

How is yam fried fragile

Ringing yam measure 1

Yam flay section, carrot also leather section, put the scald in hot water 2 minutes together, put cold water to be rinsed clean next (it is this one pace very important, yam whether fry a ringing mouthfeel, the problem that is this one pace, if had been cut hind fry the yam that make directly is sti新上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝交流区ck and of pink, won’t be ringing)

Measure 2

Right amount vegetable oil is put inside boiler, after burning heat, put beforehand the yam with good scald and carrot, break up fry a short while

Measure 3

Transfer into right amount salt, break up fry even, the unripe pink water with right amount rejoin is ticked off thin owe fry all can install dish

How is yam fried fragile

Yam is other practice

Qing Dynasty fries yam agaric

Feed capable person: 400 grams, water sends yam agaric 150 grams, refined salt 1 teaspoon, gourmet powder 1 teaspoon, cooking wine 1 spoon, oyster sauce starch of 40 grams, water mixes oil of 0.5 s上海千花社区 上海千花网交友poon, vegetable green Jiang Si is right amount.


1, yam drops fibrous root with igneous burn, make skin with the tool, abluent cut echelon inch paragraph, 30 seconds fish out throws scald water cool, cut lozenge piece, 30 seconds fish out throws scald water cool reserve;

2, water hair agaric is picked wash clean, rip small, 1 minute of fish out throw scald water cool reserve;

上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区

3, silk of green Jiang Qie reserves;

4, sit boiler adds vegetable oil to burn heat, jiang Si issueing green explodes sweet, enter oyster sauce yam and agaric, boil enters cooking wine, scatter on refined salt breaks up fry even, tick off thin Gorgon euryale, put gourmet powder, drench bright oil gives boiler to install dish.

How is yam fried fragile

Yam fries the flesh

Feed capable person: Yam, the flesh, agaric, chili, vegetabl上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛e oil, salt, gallinaceous essence, cooking wine


1, bubble of dry agaric hot water good

2, the flesh cuts cutlet to reserve, chili section

3, yam section, put pass with hot water in boiler, such with respect to very won’t sticky

4, oil is put to burn heat in boiler, put in sliced meat break up fry become angry put bit of cooking wine

5, put chili agaric to break up fry, put salt

6, put yam, because water passes, ripe very good fry

7, the water that put a drop and gallinaceous essence, boiler is installed since dish


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[Yang Mei needs to use briny bubble how long] _ how bubble _ how bubble –

Article introduction

Red bayberry belongs to one of the fruit, it basically grows in southern and上海贵族宝贝 上海千花网龙凤论坛 intertropical area, the appearance of red bayberry presents red, some people choose d上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛irect edible when eating Yang Mei, actually this is a kind of wrong method, because grow in Yang Mei,the meeting in the process has a lot of dirt, and above also can remain a lot of pesticide, before edible, must use saline leach bubble to clean, but must dominate immersing time, body introduction is provided to everybody below.

Red bayberry needs to use briny bubble how long

The expiration period of red bayberry fresh fruit is briefer, normal temperature falls to be able to put 1-2 day only, if inside have worm, it is as Yang Mei’s metamorphism mature that it is met, drosophila is larval in white larva period is opposite human body is harmless, once mature, become black, after climbing, eat go down to be opposite human body is harmful. The expert reminds: Red bayberry or saline bleb eat too be at ease dot. After before eating, had better immersing Yang Mei 10 minutes with brine again edible. Because brine can exterminate certain bacteria, still can help purify hide the helminth in red bayber爱上海龙凤419桑拿 上海龙凤论坛sh1fry pulp. Convert again clear water passes the mee爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城ting is better.

Red bayberry needs to use briny bubble how long

Because red bayberry fructification is bare all the time,be in air, do not have peel to lap, also the fruit such as unlike loquat, the means that can use a bag undertakes protective, if do not rely on pesticide, want to let Yang Mei be not bitten by bug, difficulty is very great. So fruit gr上海夜网 阿爱上海同城ower uses physical method worm commonly, use the phototaxis of insect, installation kills bug lamp, bug of mother of trap and kill, and the insect pest that physical worm also can reduce one share only.

Red bayberry needs to use briny bubble how long

Want to control Yang Mei to do not have insect, mean often should spray to Yang Mei pesticide, accordingly ” bug is not touched ” Yang Mei may appear farming incomplete exceeds bid. The commonnest insect in red bayberry is drosophila, drosophila wait with honey, fructification at ordinary times to feed. In progenitive season, the odour that it can be sent out by Yang Mei is attracted, in Yang Mei apparently lay eggs, the flesh of fruit is爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 bored after its egg hatch becomes larva, it is with pulp feed. These small bug look a bit disgusting, but do not have harm to the body.


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[pregnant woman cough can eat peach] _ is pregnant – of _ sweet a peach-shaped thing

Article introduction

The constitution of pregnant woman is more special, can say, during be pregnant, female the food to oneself and work and rest are need very of the attention, if cannot raise an embryo well, the growth that also can cause the child so causes an effect. And pregnant woman cough is to be able to eat peach. Peach eats to be helpful for a patient restoring during cough. Of course, besides peach, to cough patient, still can eat the following fruit more!

Can pregnant woman cough eat peach

One, apricot

Bitter almond glucoside is contained in apricot, lukewarm lung comes loose cold, town coughs the effect of make expectoration easy. If your dry cough is not had phlegmy, return companion to have asthma, eat some of apricot flesh or almond to be able to get ameliorative, almond effect will be better.

Usable north almond is 4 money, thin money of Xie Yi of carry on one’s shoulder, boil tea agent, at any time drink is taken, make laryngeal place gets together phlegmy saliva spits smooth, make cough accuses recover from an illness at an early date. Almond is right expectorant relieve a cough effectiveness very nimble, have a way not water of the mint of be confined to that boil a kind, can make almond thick fruit juice of almond paste, almond, or almond maltose oar. If add tender the root of purple-flowered peucedanum money of 4 money, mother of tendril-leaved fritillary bulb half, become syrup with boreal almond Bao, effects also good.

Can pregnant woman cough eat peach

2, water chest nut

Can clear lung heats up water chest nut, contain a lot ofmucus to pledge again, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid bowel of embellish lung, expectorant benefit, drench detoxify of carbuncle of diuresis, disappear, cool blood changes wet, disappear to feed except bilge; advocate study pyretic pass the time in a leisurely way wind 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 上海同城对对碰交友社区of lack of glow of bare of thirsty, icteric, eye, guttural gall, pee, diseases caused by external factors is hot, ruffian is accumulated wait for disease. Water chest nut has the favorable effect of fire of clear hot have diarrhoea, already but clear heat promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, can complement again nutrition, most appropriate is used at having a fever patient. OK also flay extracts juice, can treat guttural gall, to treating a cold cough has certain auxiliary effect.

3, pineapple

The pineapple protein that contains in pineapple is enzymatic not only can help cold patient alleviate the symptom of sore throat and cough, still can decompose the protein in food effectively, increase peristalsis of intestines and stomach, enhance the immune power of airframe. Cold cough mights as well drinkable a cup of fresh pineapple juice.

But excessive of avoid by all means or edible the unripe pineapple wit上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛hout processing. Because it reduces taste easily, ; of mucous membrane of exciting oral cavity next it brings about generation easily pineapple albumen is enzymatic, to the person of 上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛上海龙凤论坛sh1f 上海龙凤论坛en[……]

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[how to boil pigskin to freeze] – of measure of method of _ practice _

Article introduction

Pigskin is a kind old little all of appropriate delicate feed capable person, it is having rich nutrient element, can carry the collagen protein with lubricant skin for instance, can bate is hemal, stimulative hematopoie新上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝交流区sis function and the protein that hairdressing skins, adipose reach B of vitriolic skin element. Because having inside pigskin many colloid, because this pigskin is particularly comfortable operable will do pigskin to freeze this dish. The practice difficulty that pig上海千花网论坛 上海千花网skin freezes is not tall, so, how should be pigskin aspic boiled?

How to boil pigskin aspic

Practice one

Advocate makings: Unripe pigskin 500 grams

Complementary makings: Salt, anise, cassia bark, sweet leaf, fennel, soy all right amount


1, pigskin is cut paragraph, put immerse 20 minutes inside cold water.

2, the lid that add water crosses pigskin, conflagration is boiled, wait for the fish out after the pig becomes angry.

3, fish out pigskin, rinse clean, next raze grease.

4, cut with the knife fine.

How to boil pigskin aspic

5, water is added in boiler, put pig thong in the conflagration in boiler to be boiled (basically be the leftover grease) on take out pigskin.

6, pigskin of the fish out after water leaves.

7, had wrapped accurate spare condiment with gauze.

8, c上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰lear water is added afresh in boiler, enter pig thong in boiler, put condiment to wrap, 1~1.5 is boiled with small fire after conflagration is boiled hour, enter soy finally, add right amount salt to be boiled ag上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛ain can.

9, flourishing container is filled after waiting for pigskin Shang Liang in (cent second fill, can make pigskin even in aspic) of not heavy bottom, put the recipient that has filled on windowsill, natural and refrigerant.

10, after aspic is good, want to eat how to much cut, cut small.

Practice 2

Raw material: Pigskin 100 grams, water 400 grams, cooking wine 15 grams, salt one small spoon.


1, clean pigskin clean, cent cuts flake;

2, blow the two sides of positive and negative of pigskin clean; with blade

3, clear water of the infuse inside the stockpot, boil hind issues pigskin;

4, float is hit to pigskin上海夜网 阿爱上海同城 filter is scooped to do; when coiling

How to boil pigskin aspic

5, cut Cheng Xiaoding;

6, pour one boiler clear water afresh, boil hind issues Pi Ding;

7, join cooking wine and salt, mix is even;

8, build upper cover, small fire stew 2 hours (or high-pressured boiler 25 minutes) ;

9, the skin boiling water that will boiled, filter gives Pi Ding (the friend that does not mind this pace can omit) ;

10,爱上海龙凤419桑拿 上海龙凤论坛sh1f in falling into the container that take a top, refrigeration hind puts freezer to refrigerate 2 hour above;

11, aspic takes out good aspic skin to buckle;

12, cut broken end account.


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[trichromatic the practice that fries the flesh] _ is trichromatic the _ of practice of the daily life of a family that fries the flesh is trichromatic the practice encyclopedia _ that fries the flesh is trichromatic fry the flesh how to do –

Article introduction

Unripe flowing water of the 爱上海龙凤419桑拿 上海龙凤论坛sh1fperson rises definitely, begin to pay a上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛ttention to health care of preserve one’s health. But a 上海贵族宝贝 上海千花网龙凤论坛lot of people give birth to existence huge error to阿拉爱上海同城 爱上海龙凤419桑拿 raising, preserve one’s health is not sanitarian medicine, per上海千花网论坛 上海千花网haps spend money to maintain again上海千花网龙凤论坛 上海千花社区. So, I introduce now below trichromatic fry the flesh the practice of this dish.

Trichromatic the practice that fries the flesh

1.1 ginger garlic, with Chinese prickly ash


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[leek egg stuffing the practice of boiled dumpling] stuffing of _ leek egg the stuffing of egg of leek of _ of practice of the daily life of a family of boiled dumpling the stuffing of egg of leek of practice encyclopedia _ of boiled dumpling how does boiled dumpling do –

Article introduction

Appet上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰ite also is a kind of desire, to satisf爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城y this kind of desire, you are met everywhere dabble. Although this process is medium, you had been satisfied countless times, but empty sky still is from beginning to end in the heart, because you start work without oneself,had done. To satisfy this your requireme上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛上海千花网 爱上海同城对对碰nt, small mak上海龙凤论坛 新上海贵族宝贝论坛e up introduce next leek egg stuffing for you now the practice of boiled dumpling.

Leek egg stuffing the practice of boiled dumpling上海龙凤论坛 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

1. leek is abluent, drop does moisture, must put dry, can have boiling water otherwise


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[the practice of healthy manner and air] how does the group of health of practice encyclopedia _ that the health of _ of practice of the daily life of a family that _ health sends appoints do –

Article introduction

Part of present young National People’s Congress is very lazy,阿拉爱上海同城 爱上海龙凤419桑拿 often meet with busy go out for excuse to have a meal. Although the 爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城meal outs爱上海同城 爱上海ide is likely very ” goluptious ” , but go down for a long time to all sorts of chronic can following sb’s heels and come, the loss outweights the gain really. Follow now small weave the way that learns healthy manner and air together, y阿爱上海同城 阿拉爱上海同城ou can be willing for certain.

The practice of healthy manner and air

3.上海贵族宝贝交流区 上海贵族宝贝论坛 container installs新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 上海同城对对碰交友社区 6 minutes full.


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